Divine Beats – The Classical Dance Batch

With the core belief in the holistic power of dance, the Academy has designed a holistic training module that is a balanced blend of academic and practical training in pure classical Bharatanatyam. It facilitates all rounded development of the dancer with mastery on pure posture and perfect technique. A wider perspective on dance is given with insights into its artistic significance.Senior students of Naadanam are provided teacher's training and are offered experience and opportunities in schools and various branches of the institute.

FITNESSTYLER - The Fitness & Dance Package for Women

Dance empowers body, mind and spirit. In today's fast paced world, women have to shoulder multiple responsibilities and are often stressed out. Dance in such a case is a creative relief as well as physical exercise.

Considering this, Naadanam has come up with a special batch exclusively for women- dancers and non-dancers. It's a package where many dance styles like Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Semi-classical, Indian folk dances are taught from basics to their choreography, along with various fitness forms like dance aerobics, yoga, floor exercises, work-outs and meditation.

This batch consists of expert as well as aspiring dancers and the response has been tremendous. Every single lady enjoys this quality time to the fullest and goes home happy and at peace with herself and the world.

DANCE BLAST - Fun Dancing for Children

School Girls have immense energy & enthusiasm, which needs to be channelized! And nothing else than a performing art does it the best way! Our Friday Fun Batch is a super fun way for school girls to let out all the stress of their fast life & studies. These girls unwind themselves here and rigorous workouts & exercises build their stamina, endurance & flexibility! They also learn a new dance style every month – ranging from jazz, ballet, contemporary, Bollywood, Indian folk, semi classical, and much more... Acquiring techniques of various dance forms at a young age makes them ready to grasp & specialize in any dance form later on...