Naadanam Dance Academy

Distance Learning Certification Programs
Since 2014

NAADANAM has spread its wings in many countries like the USA, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Norway, and India. To date, more than 225 students from different cities of these countries have been trained through our virtual dance classes & workshops. The modules of these virtual classes are designed in a foolproof manner, that students from the age 5 to 55 are learning extremely well & without any issues through these virtual classes! We have a wonderful ongoing response to our Virtual Certification programs & workshops.

Ketaki Kale has been conducting virtual classes for more than 7 years, much before this pandemic hit the world and made everything online! These classes are conducted regularly in Bharatanatyam and many other dance styles like – Semi-classical, different Indian folk dances like Garba Dandiya, Ghoomar, Bhangra, Marathi folk, Bollywood, Fitness dancing, Belly dancing & much more!

We regularly enroll students from across the globe in our DISTANCE LEARNING BHARATANATAYAM CERTIFICATION PROGRAM!

Naadanam is affiliated with an Indian university, which gives an opportunity to these international students to prepare and take up certification exams. Exams are regularly conducted (virtually ) for them. Certificates are issued to them by the university.

In the online classes, Guru Ketaki teaches the Bharatanatyam syllabus provided and approved by the university and follows the techniques described in Natya Shastra, Abhinay Darpanam.
Necessary Practice videos and theory notes are regularly provided.

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