Naadanam Dance Academy


The Founder

For Ketaki, dance is a way of life, a tool of expression and food for the soul.

Skill Sets

    • A skilled danseuse – double graduation in Bharatnatyam, Parangat with distinction from Tilak Maharashtra University and Visharad from The Arts Society. Well-versed in Indian folk, contemporary and Western dance forms.


    • A Commerce double graduate from the University of Pune and a Diploma holder in Quality Management Systems.


    • A Guru to the students of the age group from 6 to 50 years of age


    • Visiting Faculty at the FLAME


    • A Choreographer of a number of dance programs


    • An Organizer of dance shows and ballets


    • Writer of well researched articles on dance


    • Dance Therapist for challenged students


    • Examiner / Panelist for Tilak Maharashtra University


    • Judge for various competitions


  • Few Modelling assignments for Vicco, Ranka Jewellers, Diwali magazines, Amazon, etc.

Dreams through Dance...

Ketaki says, she wants to express herself and communicate her message through other mediums as well. Her vision is to take the priceless legacy of dance forward in as many ways as possible. She wants to establish a College of Performing Arts in the Gurukul tradition, every student of which will be perfect in all facets of dance.

Dance, A way of Life

For Ketaki, dance is a way of life, a tool of expression, and food for the soul. She believes that the concentration and grace you earn from this dance form go a long way to define and enrich you, in all walks of life. Ketaki has learned dance from a tender age and is acquainted with its intricate beauty and craftsmanship. Dance is at the core of her life and she wants to stretch herself to achieve higher goals in it.

Purpose of being into dance

Everything in the universe has a purpose. Every action, every interaction, every decision is driven by a purpose.

In her own words, Ketaki says, ” I have been fortunate to find my purpose- dance. I have been ‘one’ with Dancing!

Today, when I see my students performing my concepts and choreography on stage and winning awards and accolades, I feel elated and contended. More than I am about my own achievements. It gives me a sense of creation and giving back my little bit to society.

This is my own journey towards ‘Bliss’ and ‘Realization’ and I hope it continues forever through myself and the torch bearers of Naadanam …”