Naadanam Dance Academy


Naadanam has given many performances at the national level and across the border! Some of our most cherished performances –

Nritya Sanchit

Nritya Sanchitis an enriching dance experience that unfolds the grandeur and legacy of Indian Dances and their evolution from origin to the present day. Choreographed on the basis of Bharatmuni’s Natya Shastra, this conceptual and philosophical dance drama is the first of its kind where the character of Bharatmuni comes on stage and where all seven Indian classical dances are performed together.

Nritya Sanchit unfolds through three episodes and lyrics and music is specially crafted to suit the concept. It all begins with Tretayug where greed, jealousy, anger, hatred have replaced love and peace. With Lord Indra’s request, Lord Brahma creates the 5th Veda – Natya Veda, by drawing essence from the revered four Vedas.


Symphony is a harmonious fusion of diverse dance styles giving rare glimpses of exclusive dance sequences. Symphony intricately weaves together seven Indian classical dance styles, traditional folk such as Garba of Gujarat, Giddha of Punjab, Ghoomar of Rajasthan, Rock n’ Roll, Russian Gypsy, Afro Jazz, and even dance choreography using the positions of different Yogasanas, Foot tapping numbers with American Jazz, hip-hop and many moreā€¦.

Symphony is significant in a way that the classical dancers themselves are trained in these diverse styles, making it all a feast for the soul. It represents a great fusion in tune with the present buzz words such as “Inclusion”, “Diversity”, “Tradition with Modernity”, etc.

Symphony has been performed quite a few times, adapting variations!


Today ‘WATER’ is the subject of universal concern! Through this program, we bring to you, live on stage, all the aspects related to Water! All the forms of Water from water vapor to snow, the chemical formula of Water, the Vibrant Rainbow, and even the destructive form of Water – the floods and the drought! We pass on a strong social message towards Water Conservation Water harvesting!