Naadanam Dance Academy

Other Styles

Naadanam offers coaching, choreography & performance in the following dance forms as well!


Garba from Gujarat is a vibrant spiral dance performed around a central lit lamp or picture or statues of Goddess Shakti. Modern garba is also heavily influenced by raas, a dance traditionally performed by men. The merger of these two dances has formed the high-energy dance performed during Navaratri.



Jaagar from Maharashtra, is a dance form of spiritual worship of the local deity or puja performances in the honour of various gods and goddesses. The celebration is accompanied by music, the crescendo building up and driving the listeners into a trance.



Ghoomar is a traditional women’s folk dance of Rajasthan’s Bhill tribe. It gets its name from ‘ghoomna’, the pirouetting which displays the spectacular colors of the flowing ‘ghaghara’, the long skirt of the Rajasthani women.



Giddha is a popular folk dance of women in Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It is derived from the ancient ring dance and is just as energetic as Bhangra. It reflects feminine grace, elegance and elasticity.



Bhangra is a folk dance by Punjabi farmers in 11th century to celebrate the harvest. The moves reflect farming of the land. Today, Bhangra is part of all global styles including pop music, film soundtracks, collegiate competitions and cultural shows.


Tribal Dances

Indian tribal dances are woven around their culture and colorful art of living a life. The rhythm, drum beats, swaying bodies, clapping hands, smiling faces, tapping feet, everything makes an enthralling impact on the onlooker.


Bengali Folk

Folk dances of West Bengal reflect the rich cultural heritage of the state and the fervor and beauty. The most famous dance of West Bengal is known as Chaau dance. Brita, Chaau, Gambhira, Santhal, Lathi dance


American Jazz

American Jazz was developed in the early 1900’s as both Africans and Europeans began to mix their dance traditions. Jazz dance involves a range of lively, sensuous body movement and percussion techniques, with a mix of tap steps, social dances and ballet.


Indian Contemporary

Indian contemporary dances are a fusion of various dance styles designed to contemporary music and beats. The movements involve a blend of Indian, western, folk and the styles that best suit the contemporary taste and music.


Rock n' Roll

Rock n’Roll is a very athletic, competitive form of dance that originated from lindy hop. It is a choreographed dance designed for performance. It is danced by both couples and groups and is normally a very fast and physically demanding dance.


Afro Jazz

Afro-Jazz dance is a fusion of African, Afro-Brazilian, Caribbean and jazz dance styles. It is a very vibrant, passionate and youthful dance where dancers move freely and express their emotions freely.



Disco is a genre of dance music popular in the late seventies. The disco phenomenon spread quickly because the collective ecstasy of disco was cathartic and regenerative and led to freedom of expression.



Bollywood dances are a part of life in India and people love to dance on bollywood chartbusters at functions, parties or get-togethers. Bollywood dancing is a unique skill which can easily be acquired by dance practice.


Semi Classical

Semiclassical is a dance rendered with the use of classical steps. Semiclassical features extensive body movement, grace and expressions, vibrancy and immense creativity that suits the modern generation.



Zumba is Latin inspired dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez in Colombia. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves.